Recording Payments Made by Wire on Your Bank’s Website

In Dynamics GP, you can use the “Payables Manual Payment Entry” window to record manual payments for EFT transactions paid by wire. Record manual payments prior to a check run to ensure a duplicate payment isn’t made during a computer check run.

Purchasing Page | Transactions | Manual Payments

To enter a manual payment:

1.  Open the “Payables Manual Payment Entry” window in Dynamics GP (above).

2.  Tab through Payment Number.

3.  Create or select a batch. Batches are optional for manual payments.

4.  Enter the date of the actual check and enter or select a vendor ID.

5.  Under Payment Method, mark EFT but do not check Electronic.

6.  Enter EFT and date in the document number field.

7.  Enter the amount of the payment and apply the payment. Click the “Apply” button and select the invoice to which you’ll apply the manual payment. Click “OK” to close the apply screen.

8.  Save the payment if you entered a batch ID.  If you do not have a batch, click “Post.”

9.  Open the “Batches” window—Transactions | Purchasing | Batches. To print an edit list to verify the entries (if you entered a batch ID), choose File | Print. Choose “Post” if you entered an individual transaction.

For more information on how to record payments made by wire on your bank’s website through Dynamics GP, visit our Microsoft Dynamics GP support center or email us at


8 thoughts on “Recording Payments Made by Wire on Your Bank’s Website

  1. avatarJudy VanDenBroek

    Thanks for this post, it is very helpful! We are beginning to use the online bill payment function on our banking website and this post helps us to figure out how to get these payments into our payables system. Is there a way to print a remittance or some kind of confirmation of payment and GP entry when using the manual payments window in GP2010?

  2. avatarJeff

    When I post manual payments, everything posts correctly. The invoice is marked as paid. However, if I pay the same vendor by check at a later date, the remittance form on the check lists all of the invoices that were paid via manual payment. It shows the manual payments too, so it is not throwing off the total. I did this recently and the remittance form on the check was two pages long due to the number of invoices (and respective ACH payments that were posted using manual payments). Is there any way, using the manual payment process, for it to print some type of remittance form so that we don’t have an obscenely long remittance form with a lot of extraneous information the next time we pay via check?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. avatarChristina Phillips

      Unfortunately, when you pay with a manual payment it does record to print it on the next remittance. You can try clearing the “print previously applied documents on remittance” option in payables setup to see if it resolves the issue.

  3. avatarLyressa

    If you enter a Manual Payment in this window, but do not select an actual invoice to apply the payment to (general payment to the vendor), where does the offsetting account default from? Or is it supposed to default? At present, it is blank and I just wanted to know if this is standard functionality or if we are missing a setup.

    1. avatarChristina Phillips

      Check Tools>>Setup>>Posting>>posting Accounts. It would use these accounts after the vendor card (cards>>purchasing>>Vendor).

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