How Shock Doctor Uses Microsoft Dynamics ERP to Turn Data into Business Insight

Lately, big data seems to be the hot topic in nearly every industry—and for good reason. Swift access to the data you generate daily can help you make informed business decisions and improve operations.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help you harness your data for valuable business insights—as it did for Shock Doctor, a manufacturer of protective athletic equipment. This data-driven organization deployed Microsoft Dynamics GP to improve financial management and capture operational data from previously manual processes. Since implementing the solution, the company has remarkably improved efficiency, reducing the time required for month-end closing by 50 percent and recovering up to 400 hours per year in time spent processing transactions. The new solution allows employees to effectively distribute information to company leadership—including on smartphones and tablets—so they can drive their own initiatives as well as company performance. See how Microsoft Dynamics ERP has helped Shock Doctor grow its business.

An efficient supply chain is an important aspect of balancing superior customer service with a healthy bottom line. A Microsoft business solution can help you strike that balance by quickly transforming your historical data from customer orders, manufacturing activities and suppliers and vendors into usable insights. This solution can help connect your people, processes and systems and provide you with the analytical tools you need for smart business.

In addition, our solutions can help you manage your financials, inventory and operations in a way that supports your growth ambitions. With our proven implementation tools and an intuitive user experience, your solution can be up and running quickly in the cloud or on your servers—the choice is yours.

View the infographic “Five Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight” to see how connecting your calendar, email and business management solution can help you create customer experiences that set you apart from the competition. Learn how to gain the insight for making sound business decisions, improving business operations and strengthening your supply chain. Test-drive our solutions for small and midsize businesses today.

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